A clarity of mind comes with having less, needing less. Breaking away from being a consumer of non-necessities. Not being controlled by what you own. Having time to do what you love rather than spend it on countless time-sinks or self-destructive behavior.

There are many neolithic creations, modern conveniences, that define us and surround us. We evolved as a tool using species, so we should not shun things like antibiotics and iPads. However we should only use that which enhances us, that which removes our limitations. How can one thrive if they are pulled in a thousand different directions everyday by a thousand different distractions? Rid yourself, free yourself, from everything else.

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Minimalist Footwear
Your foot is a masterpiece. 200,000 nerve endings, 28 bones, 19 major muscles, 33 joint centers and 17 ligaments. ~ Terra Plana
When it comes to something as simple as walking, barefoot definitely is the way to go. However with the modern world that is not always safe and/or possible. There exists footwear that provides protection while avoiding cushion and arch support.

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