18 January 2011

Experiences and Thoughts On The Road

In the past 30 days, the hounds and I have been on the road for over two weeks. I have found traveling to be quite exciting and love visiting friends and meeting new people. If a friend has a couch and the ability to have two large dogs in their home there is a very good chance I'll come to visit. I like to double or even triple book myself when I go to visit someone so that I have countless things to do and if an event doesn't work out I can jump to the next without blinking. The adventure will go on!

The latest trip has taken me to New York City where I got to meet several people in the NYC Paleo scene. I went to an Art De Vany book signing event and got to meet him and Robb Wolf. Being a fan of Robb's podcast, I got him to say "Holy Katz!" and I explained that I had driven up from Maryland and that his unexpected appearance made the night. It was nice being around so many like-minded people. Being my first time navigating the NYC subway and doing it solo, I found the overall trip into the city extremely satisfying. Taking in the sights and sounds, the overall buzz of the people, a part of me now wants to try big city life. I wonder if I could make it work, move with the dogs, and would the three of us be happy living in such an urbanized area.

Art De Vany

Robb Wolf

The Paleohund Pack in Long Beach, NY
I failed to stay Paleo during this last trip. When I am offered a trip to the best burger joint in Long Island, I take it. The times I do best eating Paleo on the road is when I pack prepared meals, rather than eat out along the way. Unfortunately I have to complete for space in the cooler with the dog's food and do not always like my food sitting with raw meat. However when I approach feeding myself like I do my dogs, I do not fail. 

Getting back to my normal routine does not always go smoothly when our sleep schedules are off and I have a bunch of things to do around the house. But even the most intensive travel experiences refresh in their own way. Seeing old friends, letting loose, and deviating from the norm are all parts of my life that I will refuse to part with.