11 February 2011


Happy Friday everyone! I have been quite busy these past few weeks and have some updates I thought I would share.

  • Intermittent Fasting has many benefits. I IF'd yesterday until the evening where I competed in a wing eating competition. I guess frequently gorging myself on meat (no homo) kept me prepared for an event like this. I tied for first place, losing in the final round. In the top 5 people I was the only one that looked remotely fit or healthy. It was a good chance to explain to people the benefits of paleo.
  • My coworker and friend Nick who I turned on to the paleo/primal diet and who has been doing CrossFit workouts told me that in the past year he dropped 40 lbs! Dude is now lean and fit. Congrats Nick! The funny (yet highly disconcerting) thing to note is that on his yearly follow-up with his doctor where his physical stats and blood results showed vast improvements, the doctor didn't even bother to ask how he did it.
  • I have returned internet to my house. One of the things keeping me busy is that I've decided to rent the rooms in my house and the average person isn't willing to go all monkish like me. What this means I will have more time to update this site.
  • Tomorrow, Saturday February 12 is Darwin Day! How are you celebrating?
  • The no-egg, no-coffee, no milk, more randomized breakfasts have been going well. I've been eating an assortment of liver, heart, and other offal from cow, lamb, and pig sources all grass-fed/pastured. So far I have not noticed any major changes. The no-alcohol has not worked out so well. I'll just say the underdog, 2nd place wing eating competitor, was bought several shots last night.
  • One of my new roommates has a little mix-breed dog that definitely has a strong drive to herd. It has been quite amusing watching my dogs run around while this little dog tries to herd them. Like herding lions, it is easier said than done.
  • Lastly, the hounds seem to enjoy the copious amount of snow more so than I: