28 March 2011

Omnivores and Vegans Unite Against Factory Farming?

A friend emailed me this link: Introducing... the Vegan/Omnivore Alliance against Animal Factories. The author Tom Philpott argues that both vegans and industrial-meat-critical omnivores stand in opposition to the way the majority of meat in this country is raised. My playful response to her email:

I have heard suggestions that the two sides team up... however us paleo people do not see the need to partner with people with smaller brains and pathetically weak bone structures. 
Hell, I would advocate eating vegans if it were not for their high omega-6 content due to their pathetically inferior diet.
All that being said, I guess if we wanted to see results, it wouldn't hurt to form an alliance... but as soon as one of them mentions a veggie burger being delicious, game over man, game over.

I have always advocated for a grass-roots (figuratively and literally) movement where demand for quality, appropriately raised foods is increased through education at the local level. However I constantly hear how new USDA regulations are hindering and hurting the local, smaller farmers I support. Maybe we do need a larger voice to wrest the USDA and other governmental organizations out of the hands of Big Ag lobbyists. I am thinking it would be worth working with the dirty vegans on this one.