31 May 2011

The Road to Recovery

"What's peak condition? It's one step from falling off a cliff."
 James M. Pivarnik, exercise physiologist

Today marks one week since I had my second (and hopefully final) knee surgery. All in all, it has been over 7 months since I hurt my knee and I am told it could be another 18 months before I am back to trail running and soccer again.

Looking back, I know I sprinted into that goal keeper at the top of my game. From excellent performances on the soccer pitch, running sub-19 minute 5k races, completing 50 mile ultra races through the night, to having my nutrition both at home and on the road right where I wanted it, I was feeling great. I did realize I could injure myself, knowing the more I pushed myself there existed more opportunities for overtraining or rogue goalkeepers to set me back. As I sit here now icing the knee or precariously going up and down steps on crutches and opiates, I have no regrets. Injuries come with the territory.

All that being said, fuck an 18 month recovery. I'll be back before then.