17 November 2010

Strict Paleo and a F**k'd Up Knee

About a month ago, while playing with my club soccer team, I ran into a goalkeeper and wrecked my knee. With one of at least two surgeries down I realized that I would not be running or exercising in general anytime soon. To avoid weight gain from inactivity I decided to go strict Paleo for a few months.
Post Surgery
Whereas previously I would have a periodic beer or slice of pizza, I always knew I could run it off. Currently I am two and a half weeks into it and things are going quite smooth. I am getting plenty of sleep and am definitely in ketosis (ketostix verified!). Not being as mobile does make me a bit anxious and not having an immediate avenue to run the dogs is causing minor issues. However, I am looking forward to the challenge of staying strict, especially with the holidays on the way.

On New Years I will reflect and review on what the 60+ days has accomplished in a Robb Wolf look/feel/perform way. I may reincorporate a few things depending on the results, like whole milk (grass-fed) and coffee (organic).

In the coming days and weeks I will periodically update on the things I am doing (besides limping around) and what, if any, results I am noticing. Also I have some planned posts on topics ranging from deer being awesome dog food to making this Thanksgiving turkey dinner extra special.