27 November 2010

Turkey Day 3 of 3: Eating the Birds

This is the final of three posts on this Thanksgiving and the special bird that made the meal.The previous posts can be found here:

10.9 lbs of awesomeness
Actually the weight of the bird was the only issue. My grandmother said she usually gets a 15lb bird at the grocery store, so if I could get something around that size she would be happy. My bird, which was one of the larger of the heritage birds, ran just shy of 11lbs. Grandma was not a happy camper. However, after seeing the size of bird and listening to my explaination that the weight of a 15lb bird from a grocery store includes the giblets and the injected brine. I said my bird was comparable to a 13lb grocery bird. A bit of a stretch, but it worked. Grandma was happy again, so I was happy.

From Tom to Nom Nom
Long story short, the dinner went great. The turkey cooked amazingly well. The white meat was juicy and the dark meat was far from greasy. We had 18 people and two little kids and the bird fed everyone with some to spare. I am extremely satisfied with how everything turned out and very glad we had the opportunity to eat a fresh, local, pastured turkey this year. I hope we can continue this trend.

I took the carcass home and have made a large amount of an excellent stock that smells of Thanksgiving. And having currently surived two Thanksgiving feasts, with two more on the horizon, my plan of sticking to my guns and eating paleo throughout the holiday is going well. I have not walked away from the table feeling bloated and have throughly enjoyed spending quality time with so many family and friends. Life is good.